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Favorite Things!

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    I didn’t see a thread for this so I’m going to start it and be a trailblazer! Hope you all don’t mind.

    My favorites! (I used to do this on another forum)

    Character: Cassie. Definitely Cassie. I’m weak for snarky, funny characters. I love her art too!

    Place: We haven’t seen many yet, but I think the Azgadaran Empire. It just seems really rich and well developed and it’s got a pretty palace and empress. Plus my boy Kye is from there so of course it’s number one.

    Scene: Probably when Andrea and Cassie are in the forest and Andrea makes all those lights and they basically almost kiss and we get to see Andrea getting all nervous.


    Ooh, good idea.

    Character: Elisa, with Andrea at a close second.

    Place: Gurdinfield

    Scene: The battle at the City of Towers. Super epic.


    Oohhh! That’s a good one!

    Character: Cassie, because she’s so full of sass and awesome and I’m weak for characters stranded in a different world and has no choice but to be a badass and adapt to the world

    Place: Black Forest, mostly because fantastical forests filled with hostile and questionable Enchanters. I’m interested in the monstrous creatures there. It’s like a goldmine of magical artifacts!

    Scene: The pretty lights in the forest is a fave of mine because of the feels and the Moment (even remembering it has me fangirling so bad!), and the part where Kye + Cassie exploded stuff! Such pretty, destructive lights 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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