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    Welcome to the Enchanters Discussion Forums! We’ve created these forums as a friendly environment to hang out, meet like-minded readers like you, and discuss things both Enchanters-related and otherwise. We believe that forums like these are the most enjoyable when all members treat each other with respect. Therefore, we just ask that you follow a few simple guidelines while you’re here. Feel free to contact a moderator with any questions or if you feel that one of the guidelines is not being followed.

    – Be respectful of other members. Personal attacks, harassment, mocking, gratuitous, and any derogatory or offensive comments aimed at gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, political views, appearance, lifestyle, and violent or threatening language will NOT be tolerated.
    – This is a public forum – keep language, links, and images safe for work.
    – No spoilers in non-spoiler sections please.
    – Moderators may remove posts, images, and links if they do not follow the guidelines or otherwise pose a risk to disrupt the positive atmosphere we are aiming to keep
    – Post your topic in the appropriate forum. Mismatched topics may be moved or removed by a moderator.

    Remember, these forums are for EVERYONE – so long as we remain respectful and courteous to each other, we are guaranteed to have a great time!

    Got a suggestion? See a typo? Let us know in Site Feedback!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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