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    I’ve been positively torn about where I should put this post up (in the non-spoiler category, in Book 1 category, or in Book 2), but considering that the discussion might contain spoiler information and that more information can crop up when Conduit is released, I’ve decided to put it here.

    What it is, is the side-by-side comparison of Book 1 and Book 2 covers:

    enchanter & conduit book covers

    And in putting them close to each other, I notice interesting differences:

    (1) — The color first, obviously.
    Now, we don’t really know the significance of it. Enchanters has a blue color, possibly alluding to the location where the most important magic stuff happened, you know, Rhyad the winter wonderland. Conduit has a reddish-orangeish color, kind of dusty almost. Like, clay color, possibly? Assuming that the color has, indeed, something to do with the location where the Most Important Magic happens, then it possibly can be alluding to the Azgadaran Empire because the Empire’s color scheme is red with some gold and mix some colors then it can turn to that color that is in the Conduit cover book. It can, however, also allude to the Gurith coast since their emblems / sigils has an earthy tone as well with gold added in the mix (cuz you know, merchants). Gurith has also been featured in the Preview Chapter sooo it’s likely that it can be Gurith. Also, the color difference can spell more trouble ahead. Blue’s a pretty calm color, and what follows Enchanters’ Blue is Conduit’s Red. Our poor, poor protagonists…

    (2) — The clouds.
    Assuming, again, that the cover book’s color alludes to Important Story Location, then Enchanters’ clouds kinda support Rhyad’s mountainous area. Snowstorms, avalanches, constant cloud covers because Rhyad is a Too Tall Mountain. It’s also much calmer, like it’s blown by a passing breeze just gently ruffling your hair (or smoke or clouds) that blows up high high in the sky. Conduit’s, however, is much more chaotic, much more grounded somehow. Probably because of the large shadowy foreground cloud that, let’s be honest, looks like some kind of dragon almost or maybe a large desert snake, and the light background clouds looks like it’s folding in and consuming us. If, again, it’s location, then it could be a sandstorm. And Azgadar does have a desert wasteland up north close to where Rhyad is. (Also, it definitely looks like a dragon.)

    (3) — The emblem. Or sigil. I don’t really know what you call them.
    For some reason, I was staring at Enchanters and Conduit book covers. And I was like, “something feels wrong here,” so I did a quick snapshot-fu and paint-fu and copy-pasted them close to each other and then, I saw. I saw that there’s a crack in the middle of the emblem-thingy. And I was like, “I think you need serious sleep, elle, because you’re seeing things.” And, indeed, I was seeing things. The emblem-thingy is broken, like it’s scraped up and glued together, only there’s no glue and some of the broken things went missing. It’s kinda like a spot the difference thing.
    –Middle part has a crack.
    –The arrow at Middle’s lower left looks squiggly.
    –5 dots under the Middle is broken or cracked, and in Conduit, there’s a 6th dot.
    –The crescent above the Middle is broken.
    –Outside the crescent, there’s a small circle at the right. In Conduit, it looks weird, like it’s broken, somehow, but it’s not super obvious since there are clouds and stuff. It kinda looks like a star, but I’m not really sure.

    Anyways, that’s just my hypotheses. I don’t know why I started to write about this at 1 am and only finished around 2.30 am, but I do know, come morning, I have serious regrets. These are wild speculations. PLEASE DO NOT HYPE THE BOOK FOR A DRAGON JUST BECAUSE IT LOOKED LIKE THERE WAS A DRAGON IN THE COVER. What I have are wild speculations, entirely unfounded (for now and I’d love to see if I got some right or I got them all wrong. Either way, both would be funny to me.

    And now, I sleep.


    Okay I will reply to each point!
    1) Color: Gurith *does* seem to be hinted at since it’s in the preview. Red typically points to war, love, and chaos so if it’s not Azgadar, maybe it’s hinting at one of those things? (If color is even a factor)

    2) Clouds: Maybe! We haven’t seen much in the area of mythological creatures in this setting so a dragon would surprise me but we still have 2 books to go in this so who knows!

    3) Sigil: Emblem or sigil works for me! It’s definitely broken in some places. Also the lettering on the title is worn out/broken. Another thing I noticed is that if you look closely, there are sparks / embers flying around in Conduit’s cover. Maybe fire is a theme here?

    Good theories! (and I’ll try not to get too hyped for a dragon, though seeing our heroes fight a dragon would be pretty impressive!)


    The characters in this story are very resilient. If there’s a new threat to Damea it would have to be something MASSIVE.

    If colors are the theory here, I wonder what the last book would be then, and what it could mean in terms of location? (Purple perhaps? Or maybe black.)

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