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Reply To: Worldbuilding of "Enchanters"


Was wondering the same thing! I don’t recall religion ever being mentioned in the first book so I wonder if we’ll see any of that in future books.

I really want to see Ata and the Western Hills and learn more about how Andrea grew up. For the other regions, hmm…I’ve been trying to find good things to compare to…like where the author based them on.

Azgadar seems very…Roman? Maybe? They don’t seem very open to new ideas but it’s obvious they have money, or at least the rich do. They also seem kind of xenophobic but they want to conquer everyone.

Gurdinfield strikes me as more traditional fantasy-country. All the houses seem like jerks though. 🙂

Don’t know much about Gurith, although I did see the thing about the Shadow Arena. Enchanter gladiators??? (Somehow I don’t see Andrea super pumped about that XD)

I think something about festivals got mentioned in the book and I saw it on the website too.