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*waves hand* Yes, I have read it, and you don’t know how hard I squee’d when I saw it! And when I also read it. And also when I discovered this site.

I live for these little moments. Immediately, you see their personalities: Andrea being a worry-wart, understandably so considering what she has seen and experienced, that worry enhanced more now that she’s saddled with Responsibility after her feats; and then, Cassie being sarcastic as well as being Best GF by calming down Andrea and being absolutely hilarious with her jokes. Both of them are just so adorable that my soul got astral projected into another plane of existence to scream on the top of longs: “how freaking adorable!” and then returned to see more and more and wow, did the rating for Conduit got upped?

And then, conflict! Conspiracy! We see the Gurithians ready to kill Cassie because she’s inconsequential to the Larger Scheme of Things and to capture Andrea presumably because of her being The Enchanter to have saved magic in Damea. And then we are told that Cassie is still not very good in the ways of fighting, wet behind her ears but ready to take the hit and protect Andrea. And then Andrea, Badass That She Is, electrifies those soldiers and is Ready To Hurt others. Also, wow, she is merciless, or at least, very threatening.

It seems like there’s mind control happening here, and Those Responsible wanted to frame the Gurithians, presumably to break the so-called “Accord” between Gurith and Gurdinfield (or maybe it’s an Accord between Western Hills and Gurith). Is it the Azgadaran that’s wanting the conflict? Maybe someone in Gurdinfield? Gasp! Maybe it’s Meredith? Or her husband? (I’m really curious on what Richard’s part is in Conduit!) Or, perhaps, it’s all the masterplan of the Grandmaster or maybe one of the nobles in Gurith.

Unfortunately, we’ll only know when Conduit’s released.