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“The Rhyadan trade route is a myth. I’d sooner brave the scorching Azgadaran wastelands than freeze to death in those mountains.”

– A merchant caravan leader to his son 171, 2nd Era

The northernmost region of Damea as well as the least populous, Rhyad is a cold and mostly mountainous place. Rarely traveled due to its extreme weather conditions and treacherous terrain, Rhyad is not under the banner of any Damean nation. The occasional traveler might use Rhyad’s mountain passes to avoid crossing the desert in northern Azgadar, but the risk is so great that most will not risk the journey.

About Rhyad

Snowstorms, avalanches, wild animals, and more are what await those who travel to or through Rhyad. The more careful adventurers stick to the foothills of the mountains, but are often attacked by the mostly unorganized groups of bandits that plague the region, waiting for an easy opportunity.