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“All enchanters are welcome in the city of Gurith and are encouraged to participate in the Grandmaster’s Tournament which will be held two weeks from today.”

– Posted notice on a board outside a tavern in Gurith near the Shadow Arena 209, 2nd Era

The Gurith Coast starts at the merchant-ruled city of Gurith and spans north along most of the western coastline of Damea. Named after the younger of two brothers that served under Dameas, the Gurith Coast has a milder climate than the rest of Damea, with wet, rainy winters and dry summers. Temperatures stay consistent throughout the seasons. Smaller towns dot the coast north of Gurith – the largest being the fishing town of Onede. The port city of Gurith itself has no king, but is governed instead by the Merchants Guild, an exclusive (and elusive) group of tradesmen, craftsmen, and other influential figures in the economy of the city.

Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about the city of Gurith is the (rather infamous) Shadow Arena. The annual Grandmaster’s Tournament is a highly publicized event where enchanters can sign up to duel other enchanters in a battle for money, property, and glory. Nobles from other regions are often heard criticizing the event for its violence and the risk it poses to the participants, who are often injured and sometimes killed during the matches. However the very same nobles have also been seen attending the event when they think no one is watching.

About the Gurith Coast

Demonym: Gurithian

Largest City: Gurith

Ruling Faction: Merchants Guild, led by the Grandmaster (name unknown – it is possible that the title changes hands often)

Banner: 2 scales. Gold, Brown.