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“One land. One legacy.”

– House Taylor motto

Gurdin, the older of two brothers that served under Dameas, the land’s founder and first ruler, took his family and armies east and founded the City of Towers. The city serves as Gurdinfield’s capital, though the land has been embroiled in a long and bitter civil war for the last twenty years. Sprawling grasslands and patches of forest of cover most of Gurdinfield, which claims most of eastern Damea up to the Rhyadan River and its several farming and fishing villages. The region’s summers tend to be hot and humid while its winters see snow most years. The City of Towers was once home to an Enchanters Academy, and while its doors have long been closed, the nation is one of the last known places to find significant sources of magic in Damea.

Despite the civil war, most Gurdinfielders have tried their hardest to continue their normal routines. Most enjoy nature and prefer to live closer to it, taking care not to let their villages grow too large. Citizens from Gurith and Azgadar tend to look down on Gurdinfielders for their isolated and slower-paced way of life.




About Gurdinfield

Demonym: Gurdinfielder

Largest City: City of Towers

Ruling Faction: Originally House Taylor. Currently in civil war between Houses Harrington and Moore

House Taylor Banner: Lion, Three White Towers, Blue and Gold

House Moore Banner: Eagle, Gold and Black

House Harrington Banner: Great Bear, Green and White