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“Claiming the Black Forest is a trivial task…if you do not mind losing scores of Legionnaires at a moment’s notice. Between the vicious wildlife and the heartless magical constructs – abandoned by their enchanter creators decades ago – the magic the forest offers is not worth the cost.”

– Emperor Nardos Cadar, Azgadaran Empire 199, 2nd Era

The dark and labyrinthine woods in the southeast corner of Damea are better known to travelers as the Black Forest. A mysterious place that only the bravest dare to travel through (and even fewer live in), the Black Forest plays host to numerous dangers that befall unprepared travelers who attempt to navigate through it. Magic is easily found in these parts and it is not uncommon for enchanters to visit the forest to conduct their experiments.

About the Black Forest

The Black Forest does not fall under any nation’s rule. For those who can survive its dangers, the forest can be a peaceful retreat – especially for enchanters who wish to perform their research in isolation.