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“The only thing an Azgadaran covets more than magic is wine.”

– Overheard by a Legionnaire from a traveling Gurithian merchant 195, 2nd Era

Any Azgadaran noble will tell you that Dameas began his rule over Damea in the great city of Azgadar, even though there is conflicting evidence that points to otherwise. The largest nation in Damea by far with borders touching the frigid wasteland of Rhyad and the northern edge of the Black Forest, the Azgadaran Empire (or just “Azgadar” as it is commonly referred to) has withstood centuries of war and famine while still maintaining the most powerful army in Damea.

The Cadar family, the ruling dynasty at the time of this writing, has invested quite a bit over the last two centuries to ensure that the Azgadaran Legion remains a formidable opponent to any who would dare threaten the stability of the empire. Shortly after the catastrophic events of The Starving, the empire enacted strict regulations on magic usage and the handling of magical artifacts. All enchanters wishing to enter the city must undergo rigid testing to ensure that they do not pose a risk to themselves or others and, unless they are a royal enchanter or has been accepted into training as one, must not remain in the city longer than five days. Magical artifacts are not to be hoarded in citizens’ homes, as they can be better used in the empire’s infrastructure, providing for a better quality of life for all. These laws, while strict, have enabled the empire to better conserve magic.

While there are divides of rich and poor, particularly in the capital city, the empire’s middle class is quite large and growing. Most Azgadarans that are not of the nobility find their calling as craftsmen, farmers, or merchants. The marketplace district of Azgadar is the center of trade in Damea, with goods imported and sold from all over the land. The nobility, however, is a different story. Citizens born into the upper castes of Azgadaran society enjoy comforts and luxuries that the middle and lower classes can rarely afford. Grand balls and royal parties at least twice a week are typical for an Azgadaran noble, with most families vying for a coveted spot on their ruler’s advising council.

The Legion remains the common tie throughout society – citizens of all social and economic classes often enlist once they are of age, regardless of their social status.

The climate of Azgadar is quite hot and dry, and its northern region is for the most part desert.

About the Azgadaran Empire

Demonym: Azgadaran

Largest City: Azgadar

Ruling Faction: Cadar dynasty

Banner: 2 swords under a shield. Red, Gold.