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Discover Damea’s regions and learn more about the characters of Enchanters.



A Brief History of Damea

Although the specifics surrounding how the explorer Dameas and his companions arrived in the land now known as Damea are debatable amongst historians, it is generally accepted that the first permanent settlements were established roughly one thousand years before the Second Era. The earliest cities and towns were spread across the land, with ruins still being discovered today from the rocky shores of the Gurith Coast in the west to the still mostly uncharted forests in the far reaches of the realm of Gurdinfield in the east. Scholars (particularly in Gurdinfield) mostly agree that Dameas was declared king and ruled over the land until his death. As Dameas had no heirs, the most influential of his companions and their children set out to stake their claim on the land, eventually forming the nations and regions of today – Azgadar, Gurdinfield, Gurith, and the Western Hills – and marking the beginning of the First Era.


Before his death, Dameas encouraged his companions to harness the land’s natural energies whenever possible and to share the knowledge of spell casting with the future generations. While certainly not as prevalent as it was hundreds of years ago, magic is still relied upon to power our way of life – our farms, cities, militaries, research, and even our structures – the great spire that is the Azgadaran Palace was in fact built with magic. The origin of magic is unknown and there is still much to learn about it, though it is unlikely we will have gathered a complete understanding of it before it is lost to us forever. Indeed, the explanation as to why magic is becoming scarcer by the day is almost as mysterious as its origin. Perhaps more time dedicated to magical research could have been invested by Damea’s nations during The Starving and might have given us the answers we require today, but there was no such effort recorded amongst the many wars and famines that followed that historic and sudden decline of magical energy.


Still, the people of Damea are nothing if not resilient and will find other ways to make what magic is left last if only to continue their way of life for as long as possible. For now, the burden of discovering why the magic continues to leave us at a slower (but still steady) rate has fallen to myself and the other royal enchanters. Let us hope we succeed.

-From the notes of Jheran Velius, Royal Enchanter to His Majesty, Emperor Nardos Cadar of Azgadar, 200 2nd Era


Damea plays host to a variety of climates. To the west lies the Sea of Gurith, a cold, deep body of water rarely explored beyond the immediate waters near the Gurith Coast. The fertile Western Hills act as a wall between the coastal villages and the Azgadaran Empire and is called home by many who live in its farming towns and a few wealthy landowners. The Azgadaran Empire stretches across the drier, warmer lands of central Damea, its northern border touching the foot of the treacherous Rhyadan Mountains and its southern border just on the edge of the Black Forest. On the eastern side of the Rhyadan River lies Gurdinfield, a colder realm that also shares its borders with Rhyad and the Black Forest, two regions of Damea that few have explored and even fewer have returned from.


Pre-1st Era – Damea founded as one nation under the leadership of the explorer, Dameas and his companions. Exploration continues until his death. His companions and their children established the nations and regions of today. 
1st Era – Study of enchanting artifacts and harnessing the land’s magical energy continued. Magic usage at an all-time high. 
1st Era – Crops and infrastructure begin to fail as magic becomes scarcer. Enchanters across Damea grow ill when exposed to unstable levels of magic or when overdrawing on the land’s energy. Thousands perish from famine and sickness. The event is dubbed “The Starving” and marks the end of the 1st Era. It would last over two hundred years.
200, 2nd Era – Damea’s energy begins to stabilize, although its distribution across the land is inconsistent. Nations institute laws restricting the use of magic. The Starving is declared over. 
200, 2nd Era – Per King Caleb of Gurdinfield’s orders, the Enchanters Academy in the City of Towers closes. Students and teachers take to the streets in protest but the school remains closed.
202, 2nd Era – House Taylor is attacked at night in their castle in the capital city of Gurdinfield. King Caleb, Queen Helen, and their three children are murdered. Houses Moore and Harrington plunge the nation into a bitter civil war.
220, 2nd Era – Events of Enchanters take place.